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Grades 4 and 5 Taglit Chugim Requests

We will do our best to place your child in their preferred chugim, however, we cannot guarantee that everyone will receive their first choice. All of these chugim are great learning opportunities for all students. 

The choices for the first round of chugim are as follows: 

Mensches on Mats with Kate
Use your body to understand and create T'filah. Students will explore the themes of the prayers and create yoga sequences related to those themes, based on their own interpretations.

Ask and You Shall Receive with Myriam
What questions have you always wanted to ask about Judaism? Students will have the opportunity to seek out the answers to those questions as a class. Bring your curiosity and build your knowledge!

Hiddur Mitzvah: What a Beautiful Mitzvah! with Chelsea
Jewish tradition teaches us that it is a Mitzvah, a commandment, to beautify. How can we beautify our learning space here at TBA? Students will brainstorm and create a beautification project to help make our holy space even more special 

You may not pick the same choice as above.

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