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Women's Kallah 2020/5780

We are thrilled that you will be joining us on February 29 at TBA for the Women's Kallah, A Leap of Strength: Caring for Ourselves and Those We Love.  

Please fill out the required information below.  Rate includes lunch.

It is our intention that all who want to attend are able. If you are in need of financial assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to Temple Director Becky Oliver.

PLEASE NOTE: payment is non-refundable after 2/15.

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Afternoon Workshops:

WORKSHOP CHOICE #1: Chesed/Compassion: Loving Ourselves and Our Bodies, the Mussar Way with Rabbi Marcia Plumb, Temple Mishkan Tefilla, We will discuss and explore Mussar texts (Ancient Jewish wisdom for self-development) about Hesed (compassion) and reflect on how this ancient wisdom can help us love our bodies and ourselves. No prior knowledge needed.

WORKSHOP CHOICE #2: Personal Expressions of Resilience through Color and Lines with Debbie Kramer, M.S. Art Ed., Art Therapies. We will use tabletop printmaking techniques and circular forms to explore personal artistic expression. All supplies provided including smocks.

WORKSHOP CHOICE #3: “Gentle Yoga” for all ages and stages with JCC Yoga instructor, Leah Carnow This workshop will incorporate yoga practices of breath and posture to calm, strengthen, and stretch the body and mind. Through movement and meditation, we will explore self-compassion as we discover greater mind-body awareness and resilience.



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