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Sr BAYGL - Paintball

Join Sr BAYGL (grades 9-12) Saturday, October 19th  from 12:00 pm- 5:30 pm for a fun afternoon of low impact paintball. 
No, my 9th grader will attend but will find another way to the event
My child is not a 9th grader

Freshman Kidnap is a tradition in which teens who have their license and can legally drive other people come to your house and pick up your 9th grader to take them to the BAYGL Kick Off event. You would tell your teen that you have family plans (or something that prevents them from making other plans) for that Saturday night. Our seniors give you a time that they'll pick your 9th grader up and will send a text when they're on the way. Your 9th grader should be ready in sneakers and clothes they can move around in at about 5 pm. A 12th grader rings your doorbell, introduces themselves and they're on their way to TBA!

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