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2016 Brotherhood Retreat

What Does This Mean?
The Pew Research Center takes the pulse of American culture. They do a number of comprehensive surveys. One of the recent studies is on America and religion. It tracks how religious we are, how strongly we believe in God, how often we pray, etc. The results are always fascinating. And sometimes disturbing…
For instance, they ask, “How often do you think about the meaning and the purpose of life?” Good question, right? It is, after all, one of the clearest, front and center queries that emerges from the human condition. The answer? Amongst Americans of all other religions: Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Jehovah’s Witness, and more, Jews wonder about it the least of everyone. We tie with atheists (and probably half of them were born Jewish…) for the lowest percentage. What are we wondering about? Why are Jews so much less likely to spend time contemplating these existential and deeply spiritual questions?
The men of TBA are invited to ponder this and other big issues of meaning and spirit on Jan 9 at our annual Shabbat day away. We will study and schmooze together with Rabbi Stern and last year’s facilitator, Guy Saperstein. We’ll begin with lunch, followed by our program. We will conclude with Havdalah then go out to a close by restaurant for dinner.

Meet us at noon at the Metro Meeting Center located in downtown Boston, 101 Federal Street, 4# floor. 

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